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Oregon Canadian has specialized in the production of high-end Douglas Fir clears for over 30 years. Our Kiln Dried Timbers are dried and handled with the same attention to quality as our specialty products. In this highly competitive market we here at Oregon Canadian try to set our selves apart by offering:

  • Onsite manufacturing
  • Long and customized drying cycles to increase stability to reduce checking and maximize equalization
  • First class surfacing quality
  • Certified grading, HT and KD certifications

Available Sizes, Grades, and Services

  • 3X4 through 3X14
  • 4X4 through 4X18
  • 6X6 through 6X20
  • 8X8 through 8X20
  • 10X10 through 10X20
  • 12X12 through 12X20
  • 14X14

  • Lengths from 8'-24'
  • #1 Structural FOHC 
  • C&Btr- in 4" & 6" up to 12" wide
  • Graded for Structural
  • Appearance will posses marking, kiln stains,
    and other milling blemishes
  • Piece and Unit quantity orders
  • Every unit paper wrapped for
    maximum protection