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Oregon-Canadian prides itself on offering the highest quality forest products available. From Douglas Fir to Tropical Hardwoods, we offer an incredible variety of forest products to meet the needs of your home or business. To find out more about our specific products, click on a link below.

Our products are available using FSC® or PEFC® certified lumber upon request

Douglas Fir

The richness of Douglas Fir is prized for interiors where functionality and elegance are paramount. Its exceptional workability makes it a favorite for carpenters and do-it-yourselfers alike. Builders have also come to depend on Douglas Fir's remarkable mix of attractiveness and toughness for exterior applications. Its stability and durability handle the harshest environments, while its attractive surface takes and retains paint and stain exceptionally well. Douglas Fir is a perfect choice for all of your interior and exterior needs.


Its natural color ranges from off-white to a faint reddish-brown and makes Western Hemlock an ideal fit for many of today's lighter interior design color schemes. Hemlock also takes stain exceptionally well to match in color with other woods from Maples to Oaks. Hemlock is fine-textured, straight grained and largely free of pitch and resins.


Durable as well as attractive, Cumaru creates a distinctive exotic look. And it’s a great choice in both residential and commercial applications— the warm brown tones of Cumaru add depth and warmth to every interior.


Ipe, or Brazilian Walnut, is a bold choice for exotic wooden decks. One of the hardest species of wood available, Ipe is a rich brown color with an exceptionally fine grain. Second to none when it comes to durability, Ipe is the perfect combination of beauty and brawn!


Jatoba, or Brazilian Cherry, is reddish in color and often marked with dark streaks. Prized because of it’s character and beauty and among the most durable of woods, Jatoba delivers a warm and classic feel. With it’s rich coloring andextreme hardness, this specie is justifiably one of the most sought after exotic woods.


Tigerwood has a striking appearance—it is a golden brown color that can range in to reddish brown with irregular black and brown streaks (“tiger stripes”). This wood’s grain is highly irregular as well, with several wavy bands in one piece. Perfect for a one-of-a-kind floor, Tigerwood makes a subtle yet rich impact.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar possess unique traits that make it ideal for many applications. We here in the northwest know all about the wet weather and have learned to live with it, so has Western Red Cedar. That is why quite often you will find it in use as siding, roofing, and decking. But it doesn't stop there, Western Red Cedar comes inside your home as well in the shape of ceiling, paneling, and other areas of interior finish. 


When adding a deck, be sure to add value and elegance to your home. Our decking line is one of the finest products available for exterior decking. Few decking products combine the beauty of real wood with natural durability, strength, and easy maintenance. Available in a verity of sizes, feel free to contact us for all of your decking needs.


Oregon-Canadian offers flooring in an array of species, Douglas Fir being one of them. We routinely produce flooring in 3", 4", and 6" widths and have capabilities to produce flooring up to 12" wide. Visit our Tropical Hardwoods section to see more of our flooring or visit our Pattern Book to see our flooring drawings.


Wooden gutters have been in use since the middle ages and in some parts of the world, even still today. We produce a Boston style gutter that is not only graded for its strength and appearance, but also to be straight and watertight. Our gutter is sold in lengths up to 40' and in several different sizes to meet your needs. Take a look in our Pattern book to see a few of our patterns


Oregon Canadian has specialized in the production of high-end Douglas Fir clears for over 30 years. Our Kiln Dried Timbers are dried and handled with the same attention to quality as our specialty products. In this highly competitive market we here at Oregon Canadian try to set our selves apart by offering